Some people like radio dramas because they connect it with happy childhood memories at their grandparents’ house, during holidays with evening rain behind the window and a cup of warm cocoa made by grannie, drunk in front of a fireplace.

It was the same with me.

Since childhood radio dramas have always been my favorite entertainment, not only because I could do other things while listening to them (e.g. gluing plane models, playing with a dog), but unlike TV they fed my imagination with images and scenery I wanted to see. The best broadcasts riveted me so hard to the small radio I had in my room that I was unable to do anything, but listen to the story.

This had to be one of the moments I chose my working line as a radio presenter.

Time passed, and after a few decades of adult life, this child’s fascination returned. The Internet gave me a gamut of radio drama podcasts, yet none I found had the thing I always wanted – to decide and influence the main characters’ choices.

That is why I created this podcast, for you to choose what will feed your imagination.